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Vertical wheelchair lift & platform elevator for disabled


  • Quick mounting without auxiliary construction works;
  • Elementary operation and control;/li>
  • Secure and reliable metal frame;
  • No further seasonal service;
  • Cheaper price in comparison with lifts for disabled people ;
  • No affect on the façade architecture;
  • Any RAL colour available.


  • Inside the facility;
  • Outside of the facility;
  • Against the ladder;
  • Against the first floor balcony.

Maximum lifting capacity:

  • 250KG

Lifting height:

  • 2m

Developed under:

  • Technical requirements 4835-001-21571385-2015;
  • National state standard 55555-2013TU;
  • Customs Union technical regulation 010/2011 "About the machines and equipment safety"

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Vertical platform elevator for disabled Vertical platform elevator for disabled Vertical platform elevator for disabled Vertical platform elevator for disabled Vertical platform elevator for disabled Vertical platform elevator for disabled Vertical platform elevator for disabled

Additional description

Vertical wheelchair platform solves problem faced by mobility impaired people when the entrance is not equipped by special ramps. Such devices are developed according to the State program aimed at creating the city without barriers, where all citizens are free to aidlessly access public or residential buildings regardless of their health state. Such machines are reasonable when the lifting height is below 2 meters. This is economically more profitable than the invalid elevator, which price is much higher.

So, what is the vertical platform elevator?

Vertical wheelchair platform is descending platform, moving along mast at the height needed. Mechanism work is guaranteed by screw-nut joint with the economised electricity consumption plus the increased noise proof. Noise pressure is just 58dB - regular people conversation noise pressure. 960*1040mm wheelchair can freely stand on the platform.

All parts and individual peculiarities are settled privately before projecting. Thus LIFTPROM engineering department will design device exactly in line with your special use. Limited mobility people ascensor might be mounted inside/outside, opposite staircase flights, or against the first floor balcony. This type features 250 kg capacity.

Installation is very short-term process, since no foundation, pit or shafts are required.

Secure limited mobility vertical cargo lifts

Device deck is secured from jamming or falling. Passenger individually controls the device by pushbutton station. For safety considerations the deck sides are equipped by fencing. If not operated the power of wheelchair platform is off and deck is fixed by locks. Thus device operated either by a passenger or a responsible person is protected from vandals.

Vertical wheelchair platform is optimal for those willing to ergonomically use available space plus in keeping with the law make any place accessible to limited mobility people, no matter if it is a residential unit, public facility or commercial outfit.

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Sokolov Andrey, a tourist hotel, Russia:

«There was not enough space at some hotel entrances to make leaning ramps, so we chose mounting stationary vertical lifting platforms, further operated by stuff. Compact size plus folding platform became key options while choosing this model. LIFTPROM specialists considered our requirements – they produced high-quality equipment».

Stepanova Maria, a private person, Russia:

I live on the first floor in multi-flat house. Our family thought about a vertical wheelchair platform because of our daughter who can not walk since childhood. LIFTPROM engineer offered installing it against balcony. It was in fact much cheaper than ramp at the staircase flight. We thank LIFTPROM since our daughter now can leave/enter our flat on her own.

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