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Solid shaft cargo lift

Cargo lift advantages:

  • cargo lifts do not require registration at the Russian Technical Supervisory Authority;
  • possible to mount individually;
  • shorter manufacture/assembly terms compared to passenger lifts/elevators;
  • indoor/outdoor installation available;
  • cargo lifts are more economical and easier in operation compared to passenger lift/elevators;
  • much lower prices compared to passenger lift/elevators.


  • Solid shaft cargo lifts are most often used alternatively to cargo/passenger elevator, which saves customer costs through cargo elevator replacement.

Solid shaft cargo lifts safety systems:

  • emergency breaking safe catch prevents cargo cage from fall if the rope is broken;
  • duplicate rope (instead of safe catch at heavy loads hoisting);
  • shaft doors block – impossible to open the shaft doors if the cage in not at this storey, impossible to call/dispatch the cage when the shaft doors are open;
  • overload and rope slack protection;
  • service hour meter;
  • safe load limiter.

Shaft cargo lift installation:

  • Existing solid hoistway/shaft 100%

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Solid shaft cargo lift Solid shaft cargo lift Solid shaft cargo lift Solid shaft cargo lift Solid shaft cargo lift Solid shaft cargo lift Solid shaft cargo lift Solid shaft cargo lift

Additional description:

Solid shaft cargo lift assembly is possible into a lift shaft or any different existing hoistway, this type is a real equivalent to a passenger elevator. Its main component is a freight cage, shifting upward or downward along guiderail system in the hoistway. The lift drive (electrical telpher) is mounted either ontop of the bearing beam or in the machine room (if cargo lift is assembled into the existing hoistway or in case the cargo/passenger lift is replaced).

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Miriam, Finland, furniture plant:

«We used to transport large objects in a cargo/passenger lift, but it got broken and the survey proved it was beyond repair. So we searched the market for other variants and came across LIFTPROM. The manager advised me to mantle a cargo lift cabin into the existing lift shaft, and it will work similarly with lift. LIFTPROM specialists mantled the equipment on due time, educated our colleagues, instructed us concerning technical maintenance».

Vladimir, Russia, machine engineering:

«We have recently expanded the production of the climate equipment. In this connection we required freight lifting equipment to transport large items. We consulted with LIFTPROM specialists about it. Based on the required lifting capacity and free space inside, the manager suggested a shaft freight lift, with up to 1200kg lifting power. All works were completed in compliance with the agreement terms and the cargo lift passed all necessary tests».

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