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Mast cargo platform lift

Lifting weight and height:

  • Lifting weight - below 3000 kg. Lifting height – below 40 meters.

Mast cargo platform lift safety devices:

  • Emergency breaking safe catch prevents elevator freight platform (cage) from fall if the rope is broken;
  • Doors block;
  • Overload and rope slack protection.

Vertical mast lift installation location:

  • Indoor installation (in the intermediate floors openings).
  • Indoor installation (in the existing shaft/hoistway).
  • Outdoor installation.

Loading/unloading directions:

  • 1 to 3 sides.

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Mast cargo platform lift Mast cargo platform lift Mast cargo platform lift Mast cargo platform lift Mast cargo platform lift Mast cargo platform lift Mast cargo platform lift Mast cargo platform lift Mast cargo platform lift

Additional description

Each manager of any repair construction company is aware how insecure and ineffective manual heavy cargo shifting happens to be. Firstly the staircases plaster and paint coatings are often heavily damaged during this. Secondly such works will increase the crew tiredness level, and will most probably result in productivity losses, however will in the mean time uplevel industrial injury rate.

Luckily modern technology development is unstoppable, so more advanced alternatives to the manual labour develop daily. It is notably more valuable to employ a mast platform cargo lift for freight handling. It will help to avoid problems with the personnel, decrease labour costs and shorten works period. Industrial platform lifts are mainly employed for up-and-down materials shifting, mostly required during repair construction works or product lifting.

Such construction is based on a load-bearing mast, which could be either inclined or upright. Upright/vertical elevators generally feature one or two bearing masts. Such lifts are installed on a load bearing foundation – some flat surface or pit.

Maximum lifting height of a platform elevator is 40m, load capacity – up to 5T.

The construction obtains several devices which ensure the equipment/goods security during vertical transportation. The cargo elevator is equipped with an emergency breaking safe catch for the platform not to fall in the event the rope is broken. There is also a rope slack sensor, overload protection alarm and the cargo platform fence blocking device.

You can choose installing such type of cargo lifts outside or inside of the building (through the intermediate floor openings).

In case you do want your company performance to obtain higher effectiveness, agility and smoothe continuity , what we definitely recommend is making is as much automatically controlled as possible. Your true ally here is definitely the goods platform lift. Purchase it from LIFT PROM LLC - as time-honoured and experienced manufacturer of this equipment we provide its highest quality and best durability. Price of elevator always depends on the individual settings, so its precise calculation ask your manager for advice.

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László, Hungary, foodstuff production:

«We came across a new supplier, that packed the wheat products on euro-pallets. Each of them weighs 130 kg on the average so the employees could not lift them manually. Thus we had to find considerably cheap equipment, aimed at vertical goods transportation. The sales manager calculated the elevator price, сost of assembly works and prepared the necessary documentation. Order was performed quickly enough, so in a mere a month we became active users of a cargo lift».

Daniil, Belarus, food store:

«In 2013 we modernized the food store and the workshops. We faced the necessity to install a double storey goods platform lift at the warehouse, so we turned to LIFTPROM. Our request was quickly processed and they submitted to us all relevant information on the safety elements and quoted us. We executed the installation by our resources, guided by a LIFTPROM representative. We have signed a following agreement with LIFTPROM for a three-storey cargo elevator».

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