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FAQ about cargo lifts or elevator

1.Can cargo lift or elevator become alternative to cargo/passenger elevator?

Sure it can - exceedingly good one! Essential characteristic is that people are not transported in them. Nevertheless, load lifting devices have solid advantages: price is cheaper, it is substantially faster manufactured, mantled, plus registry with RF Federal Service of Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision is not required.

2. Choosing cargo lift – shaft or mast?

Appropriate choice is dependable on your aims as well as on planned operation mode. Shaft freight ascensors are safer, more weather durable, since they have fencing and shaft doors. Plus their capacity is higher than of the mast ones.

However, mast ascensors appear as more economical – they need less floor space, thus turning it into an ideal solution for little travel heights or smaller weights.

3. Which drive do your standard elevators feature?

We use either electric telphers (Bulgaria), or motor-reducers (Italy), depending on lifting equipment type and purpose.

Motor-reducers go with chain type mast freight lifting device, for loads from 50 - 350kg.

In other circumstances we primarily use Bulgarian electric telphers. They are already asserted as secure, durable, perfectly coping with intense operation at maximum load.

4. Can we get a special elevator ustomized for our business and goods

LIFTPROM engineers reckon all customers’ peculiar specifications. Namely, we might design a freight ascensor in frost-proof and explosion-proof construction.

5. Which lifting cage dimensions do you offer?

Our engineers choose cabin dimensions based on your purposes as well as loading type. Provide us with proper freight characteristics that you plan transporting per single operation - the rest is our duty. The ascensor lifting capacity also influences its cage dimensions.

6. Is making cargo lift a long process?

Production is generally divided into engineering design, technical requirements confirmation, the drive supply, and the manufacture process. Declared lead time is regularly 20-45 days. Elevator/lift installation process takes 1-5 days.