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Hydraulic scissor table lift

Safety devices:

  • Anti-slip cabin floor prevents loads falling;
  • STOP button at each button control station for urgent stop;
  • Rotation guard to protect the electric drive;
  • Heat relay to protect from overheat;
  • Emergency limit switches;
  • Mechanical limit stop in folded position;
  • Mechanical limit stop in unfolded position;
  • Hydraulic valves preventing the fall.


  • Usable for little space objects;
  • 4 sides unloading available;
  • No need to fix to any wall;
  • Metal equipment reliability, long-term service life;
  • One of the most moneymaking market offers, cheaper than cargo elevator;
  • No need to additionally educate personnel ;
  • Registration with Rostechnadzor is not required.


  • Inside of the facility into the interfloor openings;
  • Inside of the facility, beside the wall;
  • Inside of the facility, clamping to the wall is not required;
  • Outside, in the street, against the facade;
  • Outside, at any spot.

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 Scissor cargo lifting table  Scissor cargo lifting table  Scissor cargo lifting table  Scissor cargo lifting table  Scissor cargo lifting table

Additional description:

Scissor cargo lifting table is a stationary lifting platform, with or without fencing, agitated by the hydraulic drive. Its lifting capacity is below 5000kg.

Such scissor type weight ascensors are quite frequent where large dimensions objects are transported, such as big boxes, rolls, pallets, etc. If you are willing to spare some space while other lifting equipment is not economically profitable, then it appears reasonable buying hydraulic lifting platform. It will excellently blend in spaces without the availability to mount the lifting device to the wall. This cargo lifting platform will suit such facilities as warehouses, vehicle assembly workshops, or any other activity enterprises.

Scissor cargo lift construction

Any stationary lifting table consists of the foundation, hydraulic station, hydraulic cylinders, scissor system, hydraulic cargo platform and control system. The freight lift is actuated by the hydraulic drive, which is installed either into the pit under the equipment, or side by side. Cylinders pressure rises, it pushes the supports, affecting the transverse beam, which associates rotation axes of the rods, so the scissor construction unfolds.

The scissor mechanism can obtain single, double or triple folding, which depends on the transported weights. Higher travelling height along with enhanced lifting capacity demand reinforced foundation. Loading/unloading operations at four platform sides allow gaining mobility plus higher productive capacity. User-friendly operation principles are appreciated by the staff.

Lifting table safety system

Upon customer request during the manufacture of the cargo lifting table various general as well as additional safety options are elaborated too. When unfolded the table is fixed by a special limit stop in the form of metal plate at the bottom of the scissors under the platform. To securely fix the construction it has to be turned. To avoid damage to the table details by the platform when it is folded, the foundation corners are equipped with stop inserters. Most often they are made in the form of metal bar with rubber caps.

To escape freights falling out the equipment comes in set with limit switches or hydraulic valves, which are actuated if pressure in the hydraulic gear drops. Therewith you can ask to mount removable platform fencing or other gadgets which will guarantee absence of any accidental events connected with danger to staff or harm to cargo.

The hydraulic lifting table price is dependable upon its dimensions, weight lifting capacity and safety systems. If you entirely evaluated all the device advantages and settled decision to purchase it – LIFTPROM sales managers would gladly calculate all necessary specifications then quote you based upon the specified requirements.

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Zinchenko Anna, warehouse complex, Russia

«We have been conducting optimization of our warehouse through implementing vertical storage. We wanted a suitable device but we did not have much free space. Our choice was between a mast freight lift and a scissor lifting table. LIFTPROM sales manager informed us that only lifting table could suit us since we had no unoccupied bearing wall to attach mast freight lift to. All works passed smoothly - we are pleased to cooperate».

Rodionov Ivan, small furniture enterprise, Russia

«I have been after a worthwhile freight lift, suitable for translocation of the furniture between floors. Critical to us was the absence of any impediments like fencing or cabin, but we wanted a secure device you know. Our company ordered a scissor freight lifting table based on the required dimensions, thus it matched the facility well. Assembly along with start-up works were processed by our means, following the instruction manual. We thank LIFTPROM for this high-quality project, all works fine!»

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