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Dumbwaiter elevator (service lift)

Dumbwaiter lift advantages:

  • dumb lifts do not require registration at the Technical Supervisory Authority;
  • possible to assemble individually;
  • fast manufacture/assembly terms;
  • indoor/outdoor installation available;
  • dumb elevators are more economical and easier in operation compared to passenger lift/elevators;
  • much lower prices compared to passenger lift/elevators.


  • Small cargo lifts (service lifts, dumbwaiters) are used for light weight items (up to 350kg) handling between storeys of the restaurants, banks, stores, etc.

Installation location of the microlift dumbwaiter:

  • Indoor installation (in the intermediary floor openings).
  • Outdoor installation (assembled adjoining to the building facade).

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Small cargo sevice lift Small cargo sevice lift Small cargo sevice lift Small cargo sevice lift Small cargo sevice lift Small cargo sevice lift Small cargo sevice lift Small cargo sevice lift Small cargo sevice lift

Additional description

Service lift (dumb waiter) main function is transportation of light weight and small volume cargo between storeys. Dumbwaiter lifts are similar with light weight cargo lifts; however service elevator are less expensive, available in customized assembly fully under customer requirements. Nevertheless each sanitary-hygienic standard is abided by during such lifts production.

Dumbwaiter installation

You might install dumb waiter lift almost everywhere. In most cases we see dumbwaiter lifts at the restaurants, stores, banks, medical facilities, schools, kindergartens, and even at cottage houses. If space inside is limited then another option is to install dum waiter outside.

What is the service lift?

The substantial part of the construction is vertical metal frame dumbwaiter shaft, made of shaped pipe. Inside of this shaft the cargo cage is travelling along the guides, driven by the motor-reducer. It could be placed on top, underneath or sidewise to the shaft surface or even independently from it.

The bearing foundation, whereon the cargo lift is installed, could be either flat surface or pit. Button control posts provide control over this whole equipment. Shafts are made in any jacketing type according to the customer needs.

The indoor assembly of the service lift is performed into the intermediary floor openings or into the existing building shaft. However, outdoor installation is possible under some special conditions. I.e., the cargo cage should be loaded from one side of it, unloaded – from the other.

Service lift advantages

  • cargo lifts do not require registration at the Technical Supervisory Authority;
  • Personal dumbwaiter lift/elevator price because of custom project;
  • minimum possible manufacture/assembly terms compared to passenger lifts/elevators;
  • availability to mount individually;
  • indoor/outdoor installation possible;
  • economical efficiency, operational simplicity;
  • much lower cost compared to passenger lifts/elevators;

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Ivan, Russia, sports centre:

«We rent several floors in a construction where our sports centre is. At the times of high consumer flow the personnel just don’t have enough time to supply food to the phyto-bar or duly bring water for dispensers. We addressed to LIFTPROM company to solve our problems. The sales manager suggested a service cargo lift. What we were satisfied with is the technical support of the competent engineering department from the first days of the machine operation».

Joanna, Poland, confectionary factory:

«Our company owns a building with the operating bakery room. The shop is on the first floor, so at the peak times the personnel could not duly deliver the products there. In LIFTPROM Manager told us about several lifting devices types. What suited us most was a service cargo lift for low weight freights below 100kg. The device production and installation was as scheduled and did not intervene with our working routine. We are delighted with our collaboration!».

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