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Chain-driven cargo lift



  • Cost-effectiveness, fast pay-off freight ascensor type;
  • Mechanisms robust security, load protection;
  • Ascensors projecting and manufacture short terms;
  • Easy individual installation with the help of detailed and comprehensive assembly instruction;
  • Registration with Rostechnadzor is not required;
  • Submit to the limited spaces efficient use.


  • Registration with Rostechnadzor is not required;
  • Submit to the limited spaces efficient use.


  • Inside the facility;
  • Adjusting to building facade;
  • Into existing shaft.

Lifting capacity:

  • below 1000kg.




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Chain-driven cargo lift Chain-driven cargo lift Chain-driven cargo lift Chain-driven cargo lift


Additional description

Chain-driven loads lifting machine is aimed at up/down displacement of the goods below 500kg. It belongs to mast lifts type, but instead of telpher it features motor-reducer. Such device geometry is compact, while its lifting power is below 40 meters. Chain freight lift is ideal for smaller facilities lacking the possibility of installing large lifting equipment or existing projected shaft.

Chain-driven cargo lifts usage

Chain-driven weight ascensors are mostly installed into shops, warehouses or facilities with low or middle freight traffic. Items unloading is processed from one, two or three sides, which affects materials handling speed in tight spaces.

In case of overloading or incorrect exploitation one of two chains might get broken however the other still can withstand whole load weight, fixing platform in the air. Thus using the emergency safety catch can be omitted.

Chain-driven weight lift could be either installed individually by you in accordance with the instruction, or you could address experts. Our teams can expeditiously come to assemble the equipment. Before that the buyer must prepare a pit: digging out a shallow deepening with concrete basement. This is done to impart extra stability to the construction foundation plus make platform level same with the floor, thus enhancing loads handling.

Chain-driven cargo lift price calculation

Since all LIFTPROM freight lifting devices are custom-made it implies that the lift price straightforwardly depends on its technical specifications. Various parameters have to be recognized, such as machine height, weight cabin width and depth, stops quantity, additional safety options and the equipment complete set. To get fast price calculations fill in the application form on our website or call us direct, telling us all requirements and aims.

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Aybek Ramazanov, household chemicals plant, Russia:

«We want to express big thank you to LIFTPROM team for their professionalism along with individual approach to clients' aspirations. Eventually we purchased two chain-based weight lifts of different lifting capacities plus for different loads. Design and manufacture were rather expeditious. After we assembled them loaders started working far more quickly, so expenditures had paid-off with latest stock-list delivery».

Darkhan Abilev, warehouse complex, Russia:

«A chain freight lift with the detailed assembly instruction and other documentation was delivered to us a while ago. We performed installation works in shortest terms. All of us are exceedingly satisfied with its manufacture quality; the entire mechanism operates perfectly well. We expect to proceed cooperating with LIFTPROM company because we need same machines for some other spots of our complex»

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