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Vertical platform elevator for disabled

Подъемник для инвалидов, применение

Living in Russia faces the disabled people with the fact that any independent trip is full of unsurpassable obstacles. Borders, doorsteps, stairs all make them seek someone’s assistance. The real estate developers often disregard such things at projecting, and when the works are complete it is way too hard to make amends – the owners must get the authorized permission for that.

However recently a new Federal program has been launched; it is named “Accessible surroundings” and aimed at the development of the city environment, making it more comfortable for the disabled. LIFTPROM understands the problem that the physically challenged people meet, so we elaborated our own technological solution within this program.

Vertical wheelchair platform – reliable assistant

A trending way of reaching barrier-free surroundings is implementation of the vertical platform elevator for disabled. Such lift types can be installed differently: inside or outside of the construction, against the ladder, balcony or wall, adjusting to the higher level. The electrical vertical wheelchair platforms are weather and moist resistant, freeze-thaw resistant, vandalism protected and sound-proof.

LIFTPROM equipment guarantees smooth running at a comfortable speed. It is ultimately secure although it is supplied without roof or walls of a passenger lift for it is a platform with removable side fencing, available upon request. If necessary it is possible to install a cap. The standard platform dimensions are designed optimal for a standard wheelchair dimensions. While ascending/descending of the mobility impaired people the wheel-chair is safely fixed by the non-slip surface of the platform.

When is a wheelchair lifting platform required?

The outdoor vertical wheelchair platform is the optimal decision in respect to all-purpose buildings that have any height ground at the entrance. Establishments (institutes, hospitals, schools), apartment or private houses, offices, shops and banks must provide accessibility to the mobility impaired people.

When you purchase PTU1 (transformable lifting device) it is mostly important to choose a time proved lift manufacturer. LIFTPROM products entirely comply with the quality and safety requirements, obtain all necessary certificates related with sanitary and performance characteristics.

Although such lifts are relatively new for us, we already have a succession of complete orders across Russia, CIS and Europe. LIFTPROM engineers strive hard to continuously increase the city environment suitable for comfortable living and labour.

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