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Cargo lift into kindergarten

Recently even state-funded organizations including nursery schools are progressing. One of the ways of making kids life along with stuff easier is installing load ascensor. Though nursery school freight lifting device is secondary necessity, it automates household and work processes, thus enhancing services level.

Why a cargo lift is needed at nursery school?

Working with kids is distinguished by the elevated stress level, which distracts attention. Groups may have 20 - 45 children, while stuff per group is comprised of three people: a kindergartener, a nurse, sometimes a psychologist. The nurse is in charge of serving tables.

Service lifting device or dumbwaiter is optimum speaking about play-school. Most oftenly its aim is transporting meals between the floors. So, if in a play-school there are 150 kids while cookery and canteen are on different floors, personnel feel hard to duly serve meals into all groups, especially if stuff is few.

Therewith there is all likelihood getting distracted over some household duties thus having missed some child. Reporting back to the kid parents is not the worst-case scenario. Studying the criminal code, when you are actually innocent -this is the worst thing.

Kindergarten passenger or weight lift?

An alternative to a weight ascensor is the passenger asensor, but this is hardly reasonable. Dumbwaiter operation does practically need few personnel - just someone feeding/taking dishes out. Workers do not need awaiting elevator or carry heavy trays. Considering the increased elevator cost due to the installation and design complexity, then the project turns out times more expensive.

Besides children are naïve, curious, more than adventurous, so in all likelihood they would find way into shaft. Load lifting devices feature an elaborate safety system with solid swing doors as well as electrical-magnet locks. It is highly unfeasible if an infant gets into a freight ascensor, but quite easy to walk into an elevator cabin while the kindergartener turns away for an instant.

Service cargo lift advantages:

  • Lowest possible price, paying you off as saved money and efforts;
  • Availability to cover cabin with SS, according to healthcare requirements;
  • Automated meals feed/return;
  • Ultimate safety as far as children are concerned;
  • Low operation noise, no disturbance during children's sleep or lessons.

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