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Residential cargo lift & dumbwaiter

Грузовые подъемники лифты в коттедже

Should you possess a commodious and cozy house out of town or just planning to build such a presentable cottage, you should be anyway interested in purchasing a universal family helper for heavy loads transportation. Freight lifts lifts in cottages have long ago stopped being unaffordable in terms of price, and turned into necessary reality for house owners.

Why buying cottage lift is cost-effective?

When you finally buy a lift for a cottage you stop needing to manually carry heavy freight upstairs/downstairs. No need to fetch trays of dishes, bags of linen or tools because things around you acquire universal easiness and fastness. All you do is push the button of the control panel, and get instantaneous solution to your household issues - even children can manage the operation.

LIFTPROM offers you two variants for personal use.

  • Mini cargo lift features compact size and integrity. It will perfectly fit into the house interior or the outer walls design since its construction is not bulky or inappropriate. The beneficial advantage of a freight lift is the price. For mere 60 000,00 RUB it will serve as you as a long time and reliable helper.
  • Cottage service cargo lift features enhanced lifting capacity – up to 500kg. Such lift comes with the cabin inner SS covering, allowing transportation of meals and dishes, fresh linen, in full concordance with the sanitary regulations. Moreover its plus is neatness and aesthetical pleasure.

The complete series of LIFTPROM equipment are custom designed, under individual projects, fulfilling the customers’ aims and wishes. The cottage lift price is comprised of the thorough calculations of the device dimensions, needful technical specifications, considered at the time we compose our commercial offer, and confirmed at projecting.

When you start own house construction, you might probably find it more practic to provide for a shaft in the construction project – and the freight cabin movement will be unwitnessed. Your guests will appraise swift course of dishes during dinner, some of them will blatantly admire and envy this priceless household duties relief. Furthermore there is a huge bonus – cottage cargo lift mantled into the existing shaft costs 70% less.

Another way is to fit the freight platform or cabin into a self-supporting shaft, which is rectangular shaped metal frame. It gives more hardness to the construction, plus it is feasible to mantle it in any indoor room, fitting it into the interfloor opening.

Outside installation does not deprave the house interior, thus leaving you more unoccupied space inside. Thereto it does not spoil the house exterior since the device can be delivered of any colour suiting the color of walls or tiling.

Wherever you intend to mantle it or whichever price you find agreeable, all LIFTPROM cargo lifts feature 5 years warranty period. Testing done before start-up works practically eliminates all possible defects.

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