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Kitchen elevator lift for food

Кухонный лифт и подъемник для еды

Provision or mini freight lifting device found its use with miscellaneous multi-storey establishments, dealing with food services. Also it is utilized at private cottages. Distances between cottage apartments and floors decrease operation speed a lot. Aiming at the personnel work speed refinement owners prefer buying dumbwaiters.

What the food elevator purpose?

Undoubtedly dumbwaiters are most commonly purchased into food outlets. Here already cooked meals are transported from cold/hot cookeries into the dining spot, then back travel the dirty dinnerware. Thanks to this lifting equipment waiters do not waste time running up and down the stairs holding dinnerware trays, fearing to drop them. Thus they totally concentrate their attention on customers and services.

Such workforce optimization allows serving more customers during same time. Cookery dumbwaiter pays you off soon since more bills are paid. At load peaks waiters provide faster operation without letting customers wait longer thus they do not get irritated.

Cottage owners have already appraised all the pros of dumbwaiters since they are not forced fetching plates up to the diner in order to lay the table. A several meals dinner, a breakfast in bed or a lunch into the cabinet are simplified hugely so you are not diverted from your own affairs.

Which freight lift type suits your kitchen?

LIFTPROM specialists recommend buying service freight ascensor, aimed at transporting comparatively light freight. One of its key advantages against all other lifting devices – is extra supply scope, compact size and easy mounting.

Meeting the sanitary regulations, freight lifts are available with SS covered cabin, equipped by an extra shelf. Provision is protected from falling out, from dust, dirt by means of mounting either swing or vertical sliding doors. Upon customer request the service height, the cook-room cabinet or any other cookery utensil highness could be on same level.

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