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Vertical industrial cargo lifts

Modern factories have long ago been choosing elevators or freight lifting devices for their sites intending to optimize loading/unloading operations along with not less important processes. The reason is as clear as a factory time table. Should the loads be transported by means of vertical lifting machines, then the freights turnover is no fewer than doubled.

Choosing the industrial cargo lift

The industrial weight ascensors appear to be various equipment types suitable for in-plant installation, in the workshops or production sites, inside/outside of the enterprise. Judging from the factory site specifications and requirements LIFTPROM engineers project such customized freight ascensors. So, the three most frequently used load ascensors are:

  • Shaft type – weight lifting Titan with 5 ton lifting power. This lifting leader features maximum load, ultimate safety during large items displacement, raw materials or spare parts.
  • Mast type – presents golden middle between too high price and sufficient lifting capacity for the enterprise needs, which is below 2 tons.
  • Chain type – is of light weight cargo ascensors, it boasts great reputation at smaller factories, where customers face the necessity of shifting up to 500kg loads. Its main aim is delivering goods from workshop to warehouse.

It sometimes appears more reasonable installing several light weight lifts instead of a big one. Thus it is feasible to redouble cargo traffic, so possibly their focus is on higher lifting power, aquatable with industrial freight ascensors.

Where cargo lifts are suitable?

Industrial freight ascensor could have different application areas. They could be utilized everywhere it is required to make manual labour easier or enhance feed/acceptance of the production goods.

Metallurgy, petroleum or gas industry, car industry, rural and food industry, construction and furniture production, household chemical production – is just a non-exhaustive list of their application areas for workshop load lifts. As we know the educated enterprise optimization has direct influence upon labour costs. Production routine automation causes higher performance if we speak about output volume and quality, plus guarantees comfortable work media for the employees, thus making these positions more attractive.

Security issues

Every LIFTPROM weight ascensor is mandatorily tested at our production after which - at the industrial objects installation sites, which completely eliminates any breakage thus securing further flawless operation if properly exploited.

These devices endure critical sub as well as above zero temperatures as they obtain high external resistance. In addition, safety devices in set with lifting equipment upon customer request, guarantee strong security to cargos, device itself and the equipment operators

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