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Guest house cargo lift

Лифт или подъемник в гостиницу и отель

A topnotch hotel should base its marketing upon services quality and promptness. New clients upon recommendations, untarnished reputation on the Internet and regular clients’ loyalty all depend on this hugely. Therefore it is so important optimizing stuff operations so that household duties could take minimum time. That is why the advanced hoteliers, who take care of their customers, should consider buying an automated lifting device into guest house.

Guest house - cargo or passenger elevator?

Actually guest house should feature both, still they meet different needs. Firstly a rest-house freight ascensor is convenient to visitors, who travel with numerous luggage because they do not wish going upstairs by themselves. Sure enough that unfunctional elevator in a modern hotel is truly something beyond understanding, and even mauvais ton.

Load lifting devices are aimed quite differently. As dark leader the device controls all household processes, which are inconspicuous but essential - vertical transportation of grimy and fresh linen, cleaning devices and dishes from canteen into cookery. Stuff do not need running around carrying those in passenger elevators, also exploited by customers. Is it acceptable transporting such freights without people.

Inn dumbwaiter

The most suitable lifting device into laundry and canteen is dumbwaiter. The maximum lifting capacity is 500 kg, which meets large facility requirements. Should there be several buildings then installing weights lifting device at each would appear well-reasoned, with a view of empowering loading/unloading operations.

Installation is rather swift, since concrete foundation preparation is not involved. We can assemble the device in the fcility into the inter-floor openings or into existing shaft, otherwise - outside against the wall.

Service lifting device advantages:

  • Custom-made project, fully adjusted into the facility space;
  • Dumbwaiters are notably cheaper in comparison with passenger elevators;
  • To meet sanitary regulations the laundry and canteen freight ascensors cabins are covered by SS;
  • Short-term mounting; no technical registration required;
  • Any personnel can easily operate the device.

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