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Exterior cargo lifts & elevators

Facade cargo lift represents a compromise between having a lifting device at last and the space shortage inside the facility. If you can not afford allocating extra space for a large-format object it would be rational to move it outside, where you can realise its benefits of the vertical transportation of loads.

The difference between a cargo/passenger and a facade cargo lift.

The latter final price is always many times lower as the facade lift price is comprised similarly, but a number of specific features increase its price. It is firstly the heavy calculations and the assembly, then come extra mechanisms, that must be used because such lifts are supposed to transport people. Furthermore passenger lifts demand to be equipped with a machine room, which needs more space. The facade cargo lift owing to its construction simplicity is always cheaper.

Outside cargo/passenger lifts require registration at Rostechnadzor and the complicated procedure of technical standardization, so it takes a pretty deal of efforts, time and money to put through all the activities. By contrast the facade cargo lifts are mantled within a short term. The whole project including installation takes 10 - 45 days.

Which cargo lifts are suitable for outside purposes?

LIFTPROM offers you 4 variants of the lifting devices available to assemble outside of the building by attaching to the facade:

  • Mini cargo lift is the cheapest of all; it is perfect for smaller warehouses and shops with low cargo flow.
  • With the lifting capacity of below 500kg, the service cargo lift presents a good choice for a cottage or an authority like a school, kindergarten, bank, restaurant or a hotel.
  • Facade mast cargo lift features medium lifting capacity – it is designed to move up and down freight below 2000kg. The device obtains an open platform, which due to less metal quantity, costs less than a one-piece freight cabin.
  • It is sustainable to buy a shaft cargo lift if you have to transport heavy weight freight – up to 5000kg.

In any case LIFTPROM engineers will do their best to offer you all possible help in choosing the lifting device, considering the outer conditions, aim and place of assembly, planned freight dimensions. Each individual project passes through projecting and manufacture phases, where we account all customers’ needs and technical requirements.

Facade fixation peculiarities

LIFTPROM company has envisaged all available methods of the fixation to a building foreside, so that our customers don’t be doubtful about the purchase of a facade cargo lift. The upper stop of the platform may overlook a window or a door opening, or even the roof. Aimed to ensure the highest safety the device metal framework is attached to the house by the reinforced unibracket supports.

All LIFTPROM lifting devices are developed to endure any weather, wind, heat or frost – their operation remains uninterrupted. Eventually this lifting device appears to be optimum for all operating conditions plus it saves your valuable inside space for something else!

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