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Commercial lifts for goods into stores

New goods flow at each store is continuous. Can we imagine a huge mall operation, where this process never ends? No wonder such mall owners often face the advancement of goods loading/unloading operations, lifting onto the warehouse or salesroom. What if this shop is not on the first floor?

Fortunately it is easily feasible eliminating this issue with the aid of a freight lifting device for shops.

Nowadays such lifting equipment is in the highest demand. If a store owner is motivated into systematic and efficient warehouse operation, he will sooner or later consider its renovation. A shop cargo ascensor allows eliminating freight transportation issue once for all.

Speaking about small shops and malls it is advisable ordering mast or shaft cargo lifts. First you have to evaluate the presumed freight volume and weight so that to decide which type is best.

LIFTPROM experienced engineers are always prepared to consult you on any question and help you making perfect purchase. Modern security systems and elaborate cage construction allow LIFTPROM freight lifts ensuring 100% guarantee your goods integrity, as well as maximum personnel safety during equipment operation.

When is a cargo lift an ideal for your warehouse?

Nearly unexceptional is the recommendation to prefer a cargo lifting machine. If your warehouse is not situated on the first floor, no matter higher or lower – you can doubtfully make a better decision.


We have been operating upon the loads lifting equipment market for many years, we can boast a solid team of tightly-welded engineers with great experience. We specialize in the customized lifting equipment manufacture, which allows meeting all customers’ demands.

Our design-engineering department consists of skilled professionals working upon load ascensors development thus making them more convenient and affordable. Thanks to the advanced industrial capacities each separate purchase is treated with maximum efficiency, regardless of its complexity degree.

Order now and let your business evolve!

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