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Cargo lift for cottage

Do you dislike city-weekends, prefer driving out away from hot, dusty concrete jungles farther into the country? Then you must know combining leisure and work is a trickish issue. Especially your house obtains several floors, while you are about to prepare vegetables or fruits, do some laundry, make dinner when guests come. In such case it is sound buying a bower lift that transports heavy loads almost without efforts.

Choosing cargo lift for summerhouse?

First up you have to acknowledge the bower elevator purposes. Application variants are multivarious, so we recommend settling all nuances with us to ensure perfect construction. Should countryhouse be constructed or renovated great while, then it is possible simplifying customers’ life plus solving lifting huge construction materials issues with the aid of increased capacity freight ascensor.

In such case a mini freight lift will become best helper. Its basic lifting capacity perfectly suits such aims, plus its size is compact, price is low.

Some use villa freight lifting devices as transporters for provision, linen, some other light but spacious or fragile items. Owners can locate it in the cellar to establish transportation of canned provision from cellar up. Service weight lifts suit this demand perfectly.

Aided by a button control station you can call/dispatch cabin onto any storey. Operation is easy enough - any family member can handle. The freight cabin can be covered with SS inside, which is sanitary suitable to transport food. Its shiny surface is aesthetically pleasing plus easily washed.

Do you want a lifting machine into the village to optimize farm household? LIFTPROM operates all across Russia, CIS, Europe, we launch projects at most distant country province.

Order cargo lift for summer house

Choosing the right lifting device is complicated - welcome to address LIFTPROM managers any time! They will register all your requirements, aims and then explain every detail about every elevator type, thus providing appropriate recommendations.

LIFTPROM specialists study all details: scheduled dimensions, location, walls peculiarities, stops quantity. Our customers are not overpaying since they are not buying a ready weight ascensor. House lifting device price is low; however the exact price is available only after we receive the accurate data.

This equipment does not require registry with Rostechnadzor. Projecting and manufacturing time flies quickly, so soon our clients enjoy reliable, powerful assistant.

Place your order - solve the interstorey goods transportation issue now!

You may calculate your customized cargo lift price on our website.