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Cargo lift replacement / modernization

Elevator or cargo lift?

Need to replace the elevator but wish to save money? We will be your assistant! Should you during elevating machine check-up determine that repair is unfeasible while replacement is advisable, then you may get either a new elevator or freight lift.

Cargo ascensors are not permitted to transport people, however they feature the following benefits compared to passenger lifting machines:

  • Do not require registry at RF Federal Service of Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision;
  • Individual installation possible ;
  • Less terms of manufacture/ installation if compared to elevators;
  • Load ascensors operation is more cost-effective if compared to elevators.

Dealing with LIFTPROM means dealing with highly-experienced professionals. LIFTPROM equipment is secure as well as qualitative, meeting all necessary safety/quality demands. LIFTPROM holds leading positions in the freight lifting equipment market across Russia and CIS.

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