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Cargo lifts for cellars and basements

Shops, cafes, warehouses or cottages with socle floors and underground facilities often face the issue of installing weight lifting devices aimed at transporting large objects.

Why install cargo lift into basement?

Vertical stairs are comfortable when there is nothing to fetch, since you got to hold on to something too. People usually store different large implements, which are difficult to transport from underground upstairs. It sounds reasonable making stairs followed by installing cellar freight lifting machine for such large size items. This is how you avoid any spine injuries, bruises or hurts, which could be entailed by a fall.

If any family member fancy being in your cottage house cooking canned products - it is more accident-proof to transport such products at a convenient device. Thus you can evade any plausible harm, secure your precious pots from breaking – you will definitely treat your family members with delectables in winter time.

For shops or cafes having warehouses and cookeries located underground, cellar freight lifts happen to be close to necessity. Lifting equipment will allow making it automatic transporting food, dishes, etc. to different floors, without interfering with provision of quality and dexterous customer service by the personnel.

Which cargo lift is best for cellar?

LIFTPROM sales managers might offer you two variants, ideal as basement load lifting devices due to their compact dimensions but commodious platforms.

Mini-cargo lift obtains the lowest price of all lifting devices; still it is not less efficient. Its single time lifting capacity is below 250kg, which ultimately suits regular restaurants, shops or private houses needs. The machine can transport various items, it might be equipped with 3 side fencing upon customer request.

Service freight ascensor with higher lifting capacity – 350kg – suits need of the provision displacement, dishes, books, linen, etc. Prevalently freight cabins are covered with SS, meeting all relevant sanitary regulations. If requested the cargo cabin doors, preventing goods from dirt or falling out, are available in swing or vertical versions.

Should you still doubt which type of cellar/basement weight ascensor will suit you best – you are free to address our sales managers. They can pick out the most matching type depending upon your specifications, requirements, individual dimensions and freight type. Plus they will offer you a quotation and explain every technical detail.

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