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There are reviews from some customers of goods elevator manufacturer LIFTPROM.

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Ivan, Russia

Sports centre

Joanna, Poland

Confectionary factory

We rent several floors in a construction where our sports centre is. At the times of high consumer flow the personnel just don’t have enough time to supply food to the phyto-bar or duly bring water for dispensers. Often there occurred «accidents» at the stair cases. We addressed to LIFTPROM company to solve our problems. The sales manager listened carefully to what we had to say, then suggested a service cargo lift in a self-supporting metal shaft, feasible to assemble into the interfloor openings. We settled the project with the owner and we shook hands!

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Our company owns a building with the operating bakery room and the shop. The shop is on the first floor, so at the peak times the personnel could not duly deliver the products there. Sometimes it happened so that the products lost ready-for-sale condition while transportation. While thinking about buying a cargo lift we called LIFTPROM specialists. Sales manager told us about several lifting devices types, which could be installed at our facility. What suited us most was a service cargo lift for low weight freights below 100kg.

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Miriam, Finland

Furniture plant

Mihei, Hungary


We used to transport large objects in a cargo/passenger lift, but it got broken and the survey proved it was beyond repair. So we searched the market for other variants and came across LIFTPROM. The manager advised me to mantle a cargo lift cabin into the existing lift shaft, and it will work similarly with lift. The measurer visited us to guarantee the accurate device geometry, then we confirmed the order. LIFTPROM specialists mantled the equipment on due time, educated our colleagues, instructed us concerning technical maintenance.

A client of mine asked me to include a kitchen cargo lift, moving along a concealed shaft through all three house floors. This would eliminate the issue of transporting baskets with linen or heavy items from the attic to a kitchen or dining room. We requested such device technical requirements from LIFTPROM specialists. They commented on all needed shaft parameters, indicated the freight cabin dimensions, price of the equipment and its assembly. Both we and our client consented upon this offer conditions, so we placed our order.

Jurga, Lithuania

Warehouse complex

László, Hungary

Foodstuff production

Some tenants of our complex proposed to rent 500s.m. of the first and second floors under condition that they are fitted with a cargo lift of 500kg lifting power. This offer was payable to us, so we addressed LIFTPROM so that not to miss this client. We mostly cared about the time limits since we already signed Contract with the tenant.

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We came across a new supplier, that packed the wheat products on euro-pallets. Each of them weighs 130 kg on the average so the employees could not lift them manually. Thus we had to find considerably cheap equipment, aimed at vertical goods transportation. We addressed LIFTPROM and requested info about mast cargo lift for outer installation.

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Daniil, Belarus

Food store

Cristian, Rumania

Clothing manufacture

In 2013 we modernized the food store and the workshops. We faced the necessity to install a double storey mast freight lift at the warehouse, so we turned to LIFTPROM. Our request was quickly processed and they submitted to us all relevant information on the safety elements and quoted us. We executed the installation by our resources, guided by a LIFTPROM representative, who then conducted start-up works, and brought the lifting device into operation. We have signed a following agreement with LIFTPROM for a three-storey mast cargo lift.

At our plant we had no evidential need for lifting equipment, but we got interested at the price of mini cargo lift. The application was invented a bit later, and it is now located close to the entrance enabling the loaders to lift huge fabric rolls. Simple set and low construction weight allowed us executing installation ourselves. We had certain inquiries concerning the lift operation, and LIFTPROM specialists replied us via emails or a telephone. Thus we both eased the loaders’ work and sped up operation. Thanks to the mini cargo lift our production escalated by 20%!

Maciej, Poland

Hardware tools supermarket

Vladimir, Russia

Machine engineering

When my father was younger he launched a hardware store. Things were doing fine and soon he grew into the owner of the constantly expanding chain of stores. But at each separate store we encountered goods transportation issue. I was suggested to consider installation of cargo lifts. Still if we count all our stores – the amount would be really huge. Thuswise I chose trying the performance and quality of the lifting equipment at a central shop.

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We have recently expanded the production of the climate equipment. In this connection we required freight lifting equipment to transport large items. We consulted with LIFTPROM specialists about it. Based on the required lifting capacity and lack of free space, the manager suggested a shaft freight lift, with up to 1200kg lifting power.

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