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4 expert tips: choosing safe and cheap freight elevator lift

Having analyzed all the clients’ requests we have apprehended that actually only some of them realize which cargo lift type they need. Four easy but ultimately useful rules from Andrey Solovyev, LIFTPROM manager will help you select the freight lift, which will most efficiently solve your problems and bring you profit.

Cargo lifts with European telphers are preferable

Electric telpher could be called the freight lift heart, which might not beat without a quality power unit. While choosing a freight ascensor I recommend drawing your particular attention to the drive. Experience has it that during intense operation only European telphers got no faults, especially Bulgarian and Italian ones. These freight lifting machines obtain purposeful durability for active exploitation within 5 years subject to their statical operation. Telphers with some different parts imported elsewhere can not boast similar durability. For instance if the motor drive is of Bulgarian manufacture but other components are from China, such telpher lift time could not be above year and a half.

Device lifting capacity should correspond to its cargo cabin dimensions

Any device lifting capacity should be, SIC, calculated to depend on the platform size. Those manufacturers that assert they can make any device and you just need to pay, most probably only intend to get your money. Such negligence might lead to quite sorrowful results – critical overload or a serious accident, bringing material or even human losses. While the honest manufacturer always abiding by the regulatory framework PB-10-518-02, will not give any hollow promises but make a cargo lift with optimal lifting capacity subject to platform dimensions, which will minimize accident risk.

Cargo lift should be equipped with safety devices

If the lifting machine is not equipped with the sophisticated safety system, it could become the reason of different accidents or even death. Each even the simplest lifting device must adhere to regulatory framework PB-10-518-02, specified by Rostechnadzor, RF. If you care about the employees and cargo safety you should provide the emergency safety catch that will fix the cabin in case of a cable breakage. In addition to that there should be pulley block system, turning off the machine motor.

The cargo lift is regulated by control button stations, that are located at each stop of the freight ascensor. The call port should be equipped with the emergency STOP button. As people are under no circumstances allowed entering freight lifts, swing or folding shaft doors should be fixed to prevent accidental personnel entrance into the device operation zone. The cargo lifting device also should be fitted with the automatic shaft doors locking system, thus the cabin will not start moving if the doors are not closed, plus the doors can not be opened if the cabin is between the floors. In addition the lifting device should come with the rope slack sensor

Pay attention to the entire needful documentation

The cargo lift complete set should comprise of the supporting documentation:

  • Product technical passport with the indication of the warranty terms. Remember that cargo lifts must obtain both drive and construction warranty. Truly qualitative machines constructions usually obtain 5 year warranty period and at least 1 year of warranty for the drive;
  • Telpher and cargo ascensor certificates;
  • Assembly and operation manual guides, including assembly drawings set;
  • Permission for application copy;
  • Technical requirements towards installation site.

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