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Electric telpher: Chinese or Bulgarian?

While considering cargo lift purchase you have to make sure which electric telpher you require. Presently most popular telphers come from Germany, Bulgaria, Russia, China and Ukraine. Bulgaria and China telphers are most highly demanded nowadays. Let our experts explain why.

Bulgarian telphers: wise balance between price and quality

Bulgaria is widely acknowledged itself as a reliable supplier. Bulgarian equipment is relatively cheaper than German, while it also corresponds EU quality standards. LIFTPROM employs T–series cable telphers for cargo lifts production.

Due to the motor drive and rope, goods can be vertically transported at the speed of 6-72m/min. Speed rate is dependent on the telpher lift type and some other essencial specifications, such as lifting capacity and lifting height. Telpher body is made of solid welded cylindrical carcass. Bulgarian telphers are famous for high attention to the aggregated components assembly.

The telpher based cargo lift features the following units:

  • Double-stage planetary reducer outside of the cylinder;
  • Gear coupling secures failure free operation
  • Cable guide assembly secures fair rope guide in the cylinder screw channel;
  • Lift engine with Р 54 or ІР 55, ІР22 (ЕІ\І 60529) break protection index, P insulation category;
  • IP 54 and IP control unit and control box protection class, correspondingly;
  • Monorail traverse gear or double rail trolley;

Bulgarian telphers operating temperature is from -40°С to +40°С, so thay cab be well-used outside with façade cargo lifts. Since such motors are aggressive chemicals resistant it is allowed to use them at any production type.

Тельфер подъемника

Chinese telphers: easy and economical

Chinese telphers have obvious advantage – competitive prices, but they come short of quality. Chinese telpers are exellent for low budget projects, in case others are out of the consideration scope. In case repair is needed the spare parts assortment is sometimes not enough thus generally customers prefer to avoid buying Chinese telphers. Nevertheless some projects come with Chinese telphers.

Alternatively LIFTPROM offers CD1/MD1/H-CD1/H-SD1/CDL1 models of Chinese telphers. They are compact, low weight, feature easy and diverse operation control. CD1 model lifting speed – 8m/min, MD1 – 0.8m/min. Lifting capacity - 0.5T to 10T, lifting height - 6 to 30m.

Stationary telphers come set with:

  • Speed reducer made of heat-treated steel;
  • Winding drum and cable guide assembly;
  • 6-button control unit and and radio control;
  • Coupling eliminates buffer load for smooth start;
  • Limiting device is designed to stop the equipment if the lift hook passes end position.

It is not advisable to exceed operation temperature range of -20°С to 40°С, to assemble at explosion hazardous places, or places with liquid metals or toxic substances transportation.

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