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Cargo lift foundation arrangement, and will you need a pit?

Our clients repeatedly enquire – how to prepare basement for further assembly and is it inevitable to make a pit? LIFTPROM experts explain in detail below.

Customer has to get the foundation ready before we install lifting equipment. Ideally – cargo lift pit. Pit is a deepening in the floor, which permits to place the freight cage on same level with the building floor. Experts recommendation is to make a pit since it will influence loading/unloading speed. Same cargo cage and building floor level is convenient during loading/unloading as the pallet jack can easily be driven into the cargo cage, plus if it is about manual work, the loaders do not make any needless efforts to lift the load upto the cargo cage level.

Cargo lift pit types

Pit depth depends on the cargo lift type and dimensions. Pit depth for small cargo lifts is 200mm min. For shaft or mast cargo lifts with up to 3T lifting capacity pit depth is 400mm, and 500-700mm for more than 3T lifting capacity. Such difference appears because dimensions of the roller bearing, which should fit into the pit, depend on the cargo lift dimensions. Usually in case same level of the cargo cage and the building floor is not required there is no need for a pit if you install service/light weight cargo lifts (dumbwaiters). Such lift cage is placed at a certain height (service height) from the building floor.

Cargo lift installation foundation

In some cases ground type can not provide means for making a pit, then it is required to make 200mm thickness concrete foundation. We recommend M300 concrete type. Inside of the pit two 16cm height metal UPE beams should be placed, upon which the cargo lift construction will be assembled. The foundation bearing capacity must be above 2kg/cm2. This characteristic is customer-specific, based on the materials and ground type under the pit.

To advance its durability specifications the solid foundation is reinforced by applying 2 layers of 150*150mm cell nets of Alll hardware with 14mm diameter. Each embedded part has 14 welded anchors bolts, made of 18mm diam, 200mm length AIII hardware. Anchor bolts and basement hardware are then welded together.

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