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LIFTPROM clients interests are insured

LIFTPROM obtains insured producer services and products quality and liability policy, issued by Otrkytie Strakhovanie insurance company.

This program presupposes financial protection of customers: in the event a cargo lift deficiency/related defective works or the manufacturer insufficient data concerning lift exploitation and safe operation inflict injury on a customer ownership, health or life, then the insurance reimbursement may amount to 3 000 000 rub.

Otrkytie Strakhovanie insurance company is among of the biggest Russian insurers. In 2014 RAEX rating agency assigned it with A+ credit rating, showing high company reliability level. In 2015 the Russian Central Bank informed that due to total insurance premium volume Otrkytie Strakhovanie came to top 35 insurance companies of the country. This is the best approval of the company commitment and clients’ confidence.

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