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Ready-made business idea: production efficiency boost

Apparent is that a cargo lift is able to accelerate the storehouse flow. But how can we enhance up the company operation at the minimum possible costs? LIFTPROM experts share their advice.

Cargo flow speed depends on the cargo lift speed of course. LIFTPROM lifts mounting speed is 0.13m/s. Still to a greater extend the freight flow is in direct correlation with the speed of loading/unloading process

One heavy-load shaft cargo lift can be replaced with two mast cargo lifts of less lifting capacity placed side by side, with all load divided between them – this will allow loading/unloading without considerable time loss. This solution makes the freight flow continuous, and at the same time hardly affects the final price of the lifting equipment installation.

Shaft cargo lifts of heavy load capacity require building a shaft, they obtain more complex structure, and more powerful motors. In this respect cargo/passenger lifts even are more complicated, plus they got more elaborate electrical system, and demand more expensive maintenance. All this makes installation price substantially higher and elongates equipment payback period. Another benefit of having two cargo lifts is - if overloaded one of them might be put on hold, then other one will still function.

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