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Half lifting equipment manufacturers face bankruptcy in 2015 - save your buisnss with cargo elevator lifts different dimensions

About half of the lifting equipment manufacturers can not handle falling economy situation and will have to face bankruptcy, stated market analysts predicting presumable market positions this year. So how to stay afloat, gain profit and develop your business during crisis period?

Due to ever increasing USD and EUR rates construction and real estate business is in critical conditions since end of 2014, which might bring up to 30% construction costs increase. Developers might even freeze new objects construction untill things go better; thus the overworn equipment replacement is the last priority. Contractors are also anxious about how things will maturate.

Who is the lifter?

Economic crisis will strike at the lifting equipment factories who are not ready to face this new reality. At best the companies revenue will drop considerably, but the worst scenario is collapse. Evidently enough all components needed for lifts production are now going up in price.

Thus prices for metal, concrete and cement will consequently rise respective to the prices for energy and fuel. Ministry of Energy informed about more than 10% price leap for electricity and fuel for plants in 2015. This will cause fluent upswing of the readymade product, the lift itself, and unwillingness to purchase it.

There is a solution!

As analysts state the only solution aimed to save lifting equipment manufacturers is revision of their commercial offers and retargeting towards cheaper product. Cargo lifts appear to be lifting factories growth driver as this product is more adjusted to the existent market reality.

By contrast to a cargo/passenger lift, cargo lift is remarkably cheaper, operation is easier, while lifting capacity and reliability are identical. Cargo lift is capable of upright transportation of 50 to 5000 kg freight. Manufacture and installation take less time, inner/outer assembly is possible. More than that - cargo lift does not require any technological supervision authority registration. The only detail is that people are disallowed to be transported by means of such cargo lifts.

Electrical cargo lifts might become an irreplaceable device at multi-storey buildings, construction sites, restaurants, tire stores and molls.

«Lower prices compared to passenger lifts, their operational flexibility might present a new growth point to a company, that decide to refill the assortment, - says LIFTPROM project manager, Andrey Solovyev. - It is a real optimal solution you have a demand for a lift.The one essential common message is – a cargo lift is also aimed to save company money for manual loading works, but it is more effective in current economical situation».

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