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About us

LIFTPROM is the trending goods lift manufacturer and supplier across the CIS and Europe. Cargo lift company manufacture freight elevator and applications under Customs Union rules and regulations. Cargo ascensors aimed to transport food correspond to all sanitary standards.

LIFTPROM began operations 15 years ago, and had obtained the reputation of a tenable partner. The plant manufactures and installs freight ascensors across CIS, Eastern and Western Europe and Russia. Steadily we expand our supply geography and volume, which allows us increasing production capacity, implementing newest elaborations of the projecting department and broadening products line.

We realize the most complex projects and preferments of clients, we make actually useful customized cargo lifts! LIFTPROM specialists do the whole works range: starting with measuring and projecting up to testing and start-up works on the site. The inside quality control allows us issuing guarantee over the products range.

Engineering department implement customized projects for diverse clients’ needs and requirements. What helped us reaching such high performance is time proven innovative ideas, teams of professionals and customer-responsive environment.

LIFTPROM today is:

  • More than 280 employees (including mobile assembly teams and operating personnel);
  • More than 8000 s.m. of production space in elevator factories in Russia and CIS;
  • About 3800 objects in СIS countries and Europe, brought into operation.

Lifting equipment is vital for all business spheres. Thousands of our hydraulic elevators, vertical cargo platform lifts and residential elevators are supplied to warehouses, production sites, small and large enterprises, ships and molls, in food facilities and even in private houses. They are as good as cargo elevators in terms of exploitation qualities and safety level, while they are much better in price.

LIFTPROM aims at enhancing the efficiency of business in Russia, Europe and CIS through more sophisticated logistics within companies. The lifting devices are in the optimal way constructed subject to the purposes and cargo type, so they are commodious even for most intense freight flow.

How elevator lift company work

The appointed sales manager forms, sends a commercial offer with the price indication immediately after you applied to us and provided with the needful technical parameters. The complete works cycle from projecting to commissioning takes from 10 to 45 days. Can not decide which freight lift type is better for your needs? Do you doubt that you might choose construction that will not fit into your site? Not sure you can correctly prepare grounds for freight lift assembly? Our technical and engineering departments will provide you with free advice upon all doubtful and indefinite issues.

We value our customers’ time, totally meet deadlines, keep legal and guarantee obligations! As to assembly we suggest you the following variants: individual assembly based on the instruction manual, supervised installation, qualified assembly team. In addition you might use our services to remove the existing lifting machine or elevator, replace them with more advantageous freight ascensor. The equipment comes with full technical documentation.

Our customers enjoy bonuses and promotions.

We welcome dealers

International elevator company LIFTPROM welcomes regional dealers for further mutually gainful cooperation in the area of lifting machines. Apply to our managers for individual dealer offer – they will clarify all points. We sign dealer agreements with our dealers and provide them with the dealer certificate.

We will be happy seeing you among our consumers or associates. Should you have any inquiries email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us: +7 (846) 277-25-77.